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Unlimited photos for all new and all existing customers

After analyzing the current trends in Melbourne we have decided to offer you from now on, an unlimited number of photos to all of our new and already booked customers. It means for us that we will be producing and releasing more photos then before - but that's OK, as our aim is to be competitive and to satisfy our customers - full stop...

How do I get it?

You don’t have to apply or pay extra for this offer to be added to your Wedding Photography Contract. We are simply adding this add-on for free and you will see the result of that in your final photo collection.

Conditions apply

Well someone can say: “what if the service will last only for such and such time?” - the answer is simple - you will get an unlimited number of photos that were realistically possible to be produced. And one more thing - it also means that the photographer will have the time to drink a sip of water while taking photos for you ;-)

Let us know

We are here to help and we are striving to achieve the very best for every customer. Please contact us to talk about the where’s & what’s, and we will assist you as well as possible to get the deal done for you.

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