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online appointments - nice and simple...

Since late March 2020 everyone has most likely spent countless hours on all different types of internet video chats. Their abilities vary from one to another and we have tested a few particular ones that suit the needs - we think, the most.

Internet Security

Some apps have had security issues reported and we've heard those voices. Because we are committed to interact with our customers in the most approachable and secure way, we've selected video communicators that "pass the mark."

How do I?

If you already have a favorite video communicator simply let us know and we will adjust to your choice. Nevertheless the video solutions we are currently using are: Google Meet, Skype and Facebook Messenger Rooms. If you are not able to simply "jump on" one of them, we will try to help you to connect, no apps or skills needed

Conditions apply

Due to some technological complexities and security issues, we are not in a position to experiment different solutions than those mentioned above.

Let us know

We are here to help and we are striving to achieve the very best results for every customer. Please contact us to talk about the where’s & what’s, and we will assist you as well as possible, to get the deal done for you.

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