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photonline.com.au is gone

After nearly 13 years of being "on duty" we have decided to move our website to a new and more catchy sounding web address. The old address will completely disappear by November 2020, but this is only one of a few major changes that have taken place.

But why on earth?

Things are changing around, and so are people perceptions of things. We've kept our old address for long enough, and after some suggestions and analyses we made the move to improve and create a website address, that sounds more like what it really is about...

More secure and more efficient

Together with the new address we have changed our hosting company too. So now we are using one of the Australia's leading providers. The website is also based now on a secure https protocol by default - an improvement that has became a standard in today's world wide web. We are also proud that our customers can take the advantage of being able to connect with us trough a modern and established platform. So visit https://photowedding.com.au and update your bookmarks today.

Let us know

We are here to help and we are striving to achieve the very best results for every customer. Please contact us to talk about the where & what, and we will assist you as much as possible to get the deal done for you.

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