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In order to satisfy diverse needs of our customers, we have to follow some simple but fair rules. The goal of creating them is to achieve a workflow that will be acceptable, efficient and easy. We encourage you to discuss any of the below points, so we can learn more how to satisfy your particular needs.

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Privacy policy

Any of your personal, event or payment details are not stored within this website. GB Photography will never share or sell your personal information to any kind of third parties.

Pricing and Packages

GB Photography reserves the right to change prices, or any content of this website without notice. Services are updated periodically to offer better and more competitive photographic services.

Booking Procedure

1. Pre-event consultation is essential.
2. Photography Contract must be signed to ensure legal rights of both parties.
3. After satisfactory agreement customer pays a booking deposit.
4. On the day of the event photos are taken with full responsibility for quality, and exactly as described at the pre-service consultation.
5. Within 10 working days after the event, customer is receiving a link to preview the online proofs.
6. Once the final products are ready for delivery, customer pays the remaining amount.


As described under Australian Statutory Law, all copyright rights to photographs taken are solely the possession of GB Photography. Your photos are strictly for personal, non commercial use only, unless your Photography Contract indicates any permissions given.

Changes, Cancellations and Refunds

You can change one time the date of your event free of charge. Photographer availability must be confirmed while you are lodging your request. Second change of date will require a re-Booking Fee. There is a 7 day cool off period after signing your contract for all refunds. Cancellation of service must be lodged prior to service date. After 7 days of cool off period a cancellation fee will apply. Refunds are issued up to 30 days from the date of the cancellation notice.

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